A traditional, SMS-based alarm system

Most traditional alarm systems use the GSM cellular network to send or receive messages. This means sending an SMS every time, sending or receiving information through their app. It is of course slow and expensive. Therefore, there are often very few information that is sent back and forth. When no information is sent or received, there is no connection to the outside world. 

A Snoos V2 alarm system

A Snooze alarm system is constantly connected to your phone or tablet via cloud and the internet. If you disconnect from your alarm system, Snoos Cloud will respond immediately and send a message to you. This means that the information you see in your app reflects the current situation in your house.

Did you know that with a Snoos V2 alarm system, can you see if your doors are closed or open?



  • A GSM-based alarm system is not online.
  • An app for a GSM-based alarm system works by sending and receiving SMS.

  • A Snooze alarm system is online all the time, sending up to 1700 updates a day without feeling it.
  • A Snooze alarm system seems like your Messenger app to Facebook by sending push messages over the internet. 


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