Home surveillance
Professionel Alarm from Snoos

Snoos is a monitored security system for your Home.
It offers Protection against Burglary, Fire and Personal Threats.
Indoor and outdoor Cameras provide a clear live View of your Home when you are away.

Intruder protection

Snoos Alarm

Central Monitoring of your Home
Free Burglar Alarm controlled by you.

Protection against Fire, Smoke and Flooding.

Linked Detectors permanent connected to your Smartphone.
Reddot Design Award winner 2016.

Ever-ready to serve you.

Free monitoring Service - Notification by Burglary & Fire
Messages when the Kids arrive Home
See open Doors and Windows - Check the Cameras - Notify Neighbor.


With continuous Heartbeat readings, on Burglar Sensors.


Snoos® Alarm

Free service. No Monthly costs.

No service fee. Save €500-1.000,- every year. Enjoy our free lifetime service for your alarm system. Add professionel security services on demand.

Snoos Come and Go Notification

Snoos 'Come and Go notification' informs you about who enter your home. Be notified when the alarm mode is changed.

Quick installation without hassle

The SNOOS alarm system is designed for you to install it yourself in your home. Wireless sensors and the intuitive app make it easy for everyone.

Surveillance with protected privacy

Our indoor HD surveillance camera automatically turns away when you are at home. When you leave home it arms together with the alarm system.

Instant notification by Smoke or Fire

If a fire or burglary is detected by the sensors, the system activates the loud sirens of all smoke detectors. Instant notification with loud siren sound on your mobile device.

Support & Installation service

Unsure about the installation? Buy the pre-installation service at only €59,-. Our installation team will prepare your system.

SNOOS security technology makes your home safer.
We take your safety personally!

Snoos Alarm is a clever investment - Free services without monthly costs - Add on professionel security services, whenever you need them.

Snoos® Pro



Connected Smoke detectors with Burglary Alarm Siren.

Maximize the stress on the thief. All smoke detectors will sound by burglary alarm.

Connected Smoke Detector with mobile App

Powerful connected smoke detector, controlled by the alarm system. Multiple smoke detectors join in a group. Smoke in one room will trigger all detectors in the group. The alarm system will activate all sirens by burglary.

GolfballSmokeReddot 500x400Compact and aesthetic design packed with power.

Diameter, only 65 mm

Battery operated 5 years

Wireless connected to the alarm system.

EN 14604:

EN 14604 is a compulsory standard established in May 2008 for all smoke alarms sold in Europe. It will define minimum requirements that stand-alone smoke alarms must meet.

NF 292 :

NF mark is going beyond EN 14604 standard; delivered by AFNOR Certification in France.

BSCI (not a certification)

A monitoring system based on the labor standards of the International Labor Organization (ILO).

ISO 9001 

Standards, to ensure that the products and services consistently meet customer’s requirements, and that quality is consistently improved.




Cam V2m Front100x100

Elegant MINI HD security camera with WiFi and Ethernet connection. Video transmission of your home on the smartphone. The MINI camera is perfect for smaller to mid-size rooms. It's solid metal foot provide a secure standing. The package include a wall bracket.

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Camera auto rotate V2r

Motorised WiFi HD camera with Infrared Night vision. Turnable, with a slide in the app. Suitable for larger rooms or locations where you want to see in different directions. With "Snoos Privacy Protection" that automatically turns the lense away, when you are at home.

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Cam V2o Front100x100

Surveillance HD camera suitable for outdoor use. Automatic night vision helps to see objects in darkness. Gives you clear picture of what's going on outside of your home. Waterproof and weather resistant aluminium housing with solid foot. 

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3 cameras for secure video surveillance.

Connected to your alarm system they can take pictures when you are away or it can stream live video to your smartphone.

Home surveillance

Mobile Alarm App with live camera view



Daily checks of your house.


Yearly amount saved with Snoos on Demand security services


Years in business


Snoos technology provides best protection against Burglary, Fire, Smoke, Flooding and personal threats.

The smart Snoos Alarm breaks with the traditional thinking that securing your home against intruders, fire and water flooding is expensive and complicated.

The Snoos intruder alarm is developed by Snoos A/S in Denmark. The technology behind Snoos has been developed and perfected over the past 7 years. Snoos connects your home to you and your neighbours or relevants via the internet. The permanent connection between the alarm and the central ensures that you always can access your house from your smartphone.

A Snoos alarm system is connected to Snoos' digital alarm center, [SDAC] which you control from your smartphone.

FrontLogoShieldX2 500x152

The development of the core technology behind Snoos began in 2010 with the alarm central [SDAC].Today Snoos is one of the most secure alarm systems in the market for home security. With it's free automatic monitoring of sensors, cameras and smoke detectors, Snoos V2 provide the best protection of your home. 

IOS & Android

Your App 

Burglary hotline

Your alarm system tracks action during a break-in.

Contact our Burglary Hotline for assistance in case of a break-in. 

A Snoos alarm system is connected to 'Snoos® Digital Alarm Central' [SDAC] via the internet. It monitors the Alarm Base and the sensors in your home. System checks of internet connection, battery levels, connection to wireless sensors etc. runs 24/7. A Snoos alarm system is checked more than 1000 times per day.

SNOOS Alarm®
Specialist in Home Security

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