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Latest Products

3 Smoke Detector V2 Set

Sales price: 199,95 €

3 Smart Smoke Detectors that link to each other and to your mobile device. They all sound, if there is smoke in any room. At the ...

Snoos Villa Set V2 Pro

Sales price: 375,00 €

The Snoos Villa V2 Pro set protects against burglary and fire. For those who want to create a safe and secure home, easily ...

Snoos Starter Set V2 Pro

Sales price: 269,00 €

With the starter set from Snoos, you receive an alarm system suitable for a smaller home, such as an apartment. The starter set ...

Top ten Products

Smoke Detector/Siren V2

Sales price: 49,50 €

A smoke detector that also works as a siren in case of intrusion. If you have several Snoos V2 smoke detectors in your home, ...

Motion Sensor PIR V2

Sales price: 49,95 €

The wireless motion sensor PIR V2 triggers the alarm when registering movement in the room when the alarm is activated. The ...

Door / Window Sensor V1+

Sales price: 35,50 €

The Door and window sensor V1+ is a completely newly developed sensor with technology from the newer V2 system.

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