Efficient Burglary Protection

Setup your own efficient alarm system. Easy done, without heavy monthly costs.

General considerations

You might think it is complicated and difficult to plan and setup an alarm system. It's not!

First you have to take a look at your residence. Notice where a thief can get in. Check doors and windows. Have a look at the windows from outside noticing where it would be convenient for a burglar to break in. Especially windows in the basement and behind trees and bushes are good places for him. 

Install a door/window contact on each of them. If a thief  succeed to enter whith out triggering one of the contacts you want can catch him with a motion sensor. Setup a motion sensor in the entrance and in rooms where a thief could gain access.If you have a large house with many small windows, it might be too comprehensive to install contacts on all of them. In such cases we recommend to setup contacts on the entrance doors only and cover the rest of the rooms with motion sensors.

4 important devices in a burglar alarm system

There are 4 devices you should stay focused on. Here listed after importance:


Pir Ball V2 Iso 200x200

1. The motion detector [PIR]

The motion detector is the most important sensor for your alarm system. We recommend you to setup PIR sensors by all entrance doors and in rooms where a thief can get access to through windows or other openings. The PIR sensor will detect human activity in the room. During a burglary the sensor will continue to detect. It can thereby give you valid information about where a thief has been during the break-in. It also gives information about how long time the burglar was in the house. 

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2. The Door/window contact

The Door/window contact is mainly place on your entrance doors. Some prefer to have sensors on internal doors and windows as well. This will improve the overview if the something isn't right. 

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3. The siren

A siren will stress the thief and make him leave quicker. A SNOOS alarm system uses the smoke detectors as sirens. Typically you install one of them in each room. The sirens will protect you against fire and smoke too. 

Cam V2m Iso 200x200

4. The camera

After a while using your new alarm system you might feel the need of knowing more about what is going on in your home. 99% of all alarms are false. You forget to disarm before you enter or a pet is catched by one of the sensors. Here the camera is of great help. Within a moment you will see what's going on in your home and be convinced that nothing is wrong.

Should a burglary take place, you can quickly call for help without having to confront the thief.

Create your emergency response plan.

If the alarm sets off you should know what to do.

Who should react? What should happend?

Install the app on relevant devices.

Devices with the app installed can have notification sent by an alarm. A notification including which sensor has triggered the alarm will be sent out. The build-in App Siren will start.

Setup email receivers.

Information about what triggered the alarm will be sent out on email.

Enable Dial up (Subject to payment)

Define 3 receivers to be called by an alarm. SDAC will dial each of them one by one until one of them has confirmed the alarm. 

Setup camera (camera required)

Take pictures by burglary. See live video from your home on the cell phone.

Store pictures on a build-in SD card inside the camera. Free
Transfer pictures to your private vault on SDAC. Subject to payment.


In addition to the system being activated or deactivated, you can also use ‘Home Mode’. It enables you to activate door and window sensors, while you are at home.


'Armed' is the mode used when you are away. The alarm sets off if any of the sensors are triggered. You change the mode to 'Disarmed' when entering the house.


'Disarmed' is the mode you use when you are at home and do not need intruder protection. Smoke detectors remain active and will warn you.


If an intruder get access to your premises, you want the time limited he is in.

The longer he stay - the more damage he make!

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