Smoke and Fire protection


Intelligent Smoke Detector

A Snoos Smoke detector is a real master piece with its aesthetic design and many features. 
It connects to your alarm system and send you notification through your mobile device.

Winner of the Reddot Design Award 2016.

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More about the Smoke Detector

Connected to the Smartphone

With online connected smoke detectors you are informed instantly.
Our Smoke detectors are connected to SDAC. If smoke is detected, it will notify you on your smart phone or by email.


Activated by burglary

By burglary, the alarm system will activate the sirens in all connected smoke detectors.


Minimalist Design with Tough Certifications

EN 14604 is a compulsory standard established in May 2008 for all smoke alarms sold in Europe. It will define minimum requirements that stand-alone smoke alarms must meet.

NF mark is going beyond EN 14604 standard; delivered by AFNOR Certification in France.

BSCI is not a certification. It is a monitoring system based on the labor standards of the International Labor Organization (ILO).

Standards, to ensure that the products and services consistently meet customer’s requirements, and that quality is consistently improved.


Linked together

A smoke detector in one room connects to the detector in the next room. If one detector sense smoke it sends signal to other in the group.

Thereby, the sirens will sound in all rooms.

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