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Video Surveillance in a private home may sound exaggerated, but with a camera you are always on top of the situation. Should the alarm set off, you can quickly check the surroundings. The Snoos cameras show you what is going on in your home - also when your Alarm is set off because your kids forget to disarm before entering the residence or the fire alarm it triggered becaus they burn the bread on the toaster.

You can also setup the camera to take pictures automatically if the alarm is set off and there is motion in the room.

More about the cameras

3 Cameras for your Home


Free access from anywhere*
HD video resolution √   √ √ 
Privacy protected    
WiFi and Ethernet connection
Outdoor (Weather resistant)    
Motorized operation from the App    √  
Privacy protection**    √  
Wall bracket
Foot Stander  
Storage of pictures by Alarm

*)Mobile internet on the smart device required.
**)Camera turns away when the alam disarm.


A camera in your home that enables you to monitor your home at any time is smart, but who wants to be observed through a camera?

As one of the only, Snoos protects your privacy effectively. The rotating camera turns with your alarm. When you come home, the camera is turned so it points away from you. When you leave your home and activate your alarm, the camera rotates to monitor movement in the room.

Shoot Pictures by Alarm

A snoos camera can take pictures if there is motion in front of it by an Alarm.
For a small monthly fee, you can choose to have the pictures stored in your private secured vault on SDAC.


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