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Highest security for your home.

We know you ended up on this page, because security matters for you. You might have heard about people using their alarm over years without knowing that it actually was disfunctional. Therefore, it is important that someone is looking after your alarm system. Snoos Alarm builds on high level security. It is a monitored alarm system.

An alarm system should make you feel safer. Even though Snoos is a free alarm system with out monthly subscription, you are not on your own. Your house is connected to Snoos Digital Alarm Central [SDAC]. It will look after your home, when you are aren't there.

[SDAC] - The Monitoring Central

Snoos Alarm is a monitored system. It means, your home is connected to a Digital Alarm Central, colloquially spoken [SDAC]. It litterally communicate with your house around the clock without you noticing it.
It controls your sensors and monitors what is happening. If anything odd the central will letting you know by sending message in the app or by email. It can be a an alarm, it can also be a message about your kids coming home or a warning about a sensor running out of battery soon.

The communication between your House and [SDAC] is done via your private encrypted line. This ensures that others are unable to eavesdrop when you operate your alarm system from the app. You might think "What happends if the internet is down?", [SDAC] keeps an eye on that too. If you aren't home and the power or internet connection is disrupted, it notify you, too.

SNOOS Digital Alarm Central

You can't keep an eye on your home all the time.
SDAC checks your home up to 2000 times every day.

When you leave home...

When you leave home you want the system armed. You can do this in different ways.

  • Use the App (Recommended)
  • Use a remote control (FOB)
  • Use the wall mounted keypad

When the system is armed it will monitor if doors are opened or closed and if there is human motion in your home.
Any of this will set of the system.

Snoos wireless burglar alarm keypad

If something is wrong...

If something is wrong, you will be notified with a siren sound + information from the system, on your mobile device. You can also setup [SDAC] to send you an email. YOu can even setup the central to call you or your friends, if you pay a few coins for the call.

You home is checked regually. It happends up to 2000 times a day. [SDAC] will check parts of the system or transmit data from your phone to the alarm system in your House. During burglary [SDAC] will collect information via your alarmsystem. This informatiom might be of great value for you and the police's investigation. We also assist with advice and guidance on how to tackle the situation.

Contact us for help, if your home was broken into


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