Burglary Alarm V2

Snoos Starter Set V2

Sales price: 139,00 €

With the starter set from Snoos, you receive an alarm system suitable for a smaller home, such as an apartment. The starter set ...

Snoos Villa Set V2

Base price with tax: 239,00 €
Sales price: 199,00 €

The villa set is suitable for those who want to create a safe and secure home. Later on, you can easily expand your private ...

Snoos Camera Set V2

Base price with tax: 319,00 €
Sales price: 269,00 €

The Snoos V2 camera alarm set gives you video surveillance along with the alarm system. You control the alarm and the ...

Snoos Pre-Installation

Sales price: 59,00 €

Unsure about the installation? Use our pre-installation service. Our team will prepare your system. We contact you after the ...

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