Snoos® Burglar Alarm Starter Set V2Snoos® Starter Set V2

Snoos Starter Set V2

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With the starter set from Snoos, you receive an alarm system suitable for a smaller home, such as an apartment. The starter set is easily tailored to your needs with extra sensors and accessories.


Snoos V2 - Starter Set, apartment

With the starter set from Snoos, you receive an alarm system suitable for a smaller home, such as an apartment. The starter set is easily tailored to your needs with extra sensors and accessories. This way, you can connect your alarm with more sensors for optimal security of your home.
As with all other Snoos products, you control the alarm system for your apartment with your smartphone or tablet. The setup is simple, and you can easily add new sensors to your alarm solution.

Highest security

The Snoos Starter Set gives you a high level of security and smart features

You’re not supposed to keep an eye on your home when you’re away from home. Snoos will do that for you!
Snoos is constantly in contact with your home. The Snoos Digital Security Center checks in every few seconds to make sure everything is okay.

Alarm calls to neighbours and friends

Everyone who has installed the Snoos alarm app and is signed up for your alarm system can choose to receive messages from the Snoos Digital Security Center. At the same time, you have the option of receiving emails, just like your friends and neighbours can be notified in case of alarm.

Home mode

Would you like to turn on the alarm while you are home? ‘Home mode’ keeps you and your family secure while you are home. Home security enables you to secure all doors and windows, while you are home.

Emergency response

For extra security, the remote control to your alarm system has an emergency call button that can be activated if needing help. A single click immediately sends a message to those you have chosen in the app.


 Expand as needed

With the starter package, you are off to a good start. It contains enough sensors to get you started. You can consider whether you need to expand your alarm system with more door sensors or motion detectors, so you secure more rooms in your home.

Smoke and fire

With the smoke detector, your Snoos alarm system can be expanded to include protection against smoke and fire. At the same time, the smoke detector also works as a siren in case of burglary.

Video surveillance

The surveillance camera enables you to see your home instantly via your smartphone. It shows live video from your home when you are out and about. At the same time, the camera can take pictures automatically, if someone passes by while the alarm system is activated.

Try it

Try it for a month

Unfortunately, we cannot give you the full experience of a Snoos alarm system here. You must try it. Therefore, we suggest that you try one of the alarm packages. You have an entire month to test the system. In the unlikely case that you are not satisfied, you just return it, in which case we will refund the money for the product.


The alarm system for apartments features:

1 base

Maintains the connection between the alarm, the Snoos Digital Security Center, and your phone night and day.

1 remote control

Turns the alarm on and off. For those who want easy access without needing to use a smartphone.

1 wireless door and window sensor

Tiny switch for windows or doors. Registers if they are open or closed.

1 wireless motion detector

Infrared sensor to be placed where you know the thief will pass, e.g. in the hallway or the living room. Detects individuals passing after the alarm has been activated.

1 power supply

Powers the base.

1 internet cable

For connecting the base with your internet router.

3 double-sided, self-stick alarm labels

Clear signage, letting people know that your home is burglary proof.

Free app for everyone

Notifies you if there is a problem and identifies who turns the alarm on and off.


All necessary batteries are included. 


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