Snoos Motion Detector PIR V2Snoos Motion Detector PIR V2
Snoos Motion Detector PIR V2Snoos Motion Detector PIR V2

Motion Sensor PIR V2 Ball

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Last generation of the SNOOS Motion detector. Small like a golf ball. Beautiful design with a smart bracket that easily lets you turn it in any direction.


Snoos V2 - Motion Detector

The wireless motion sensor PIR V2 ball triggers the alarm when registering movement in the room when the alarm is activated. The infrared sensor works both in light and darkness.



The motion detector can register movement at a distance of 6-10 m and in a surrounding field of view of 110°.
Place the sensor at a height of 2 m. You may want to install the motion sensor in a corner of the room to fully exploit the field of view. We don’t recommend placing the sensor facing windows and areas bathed in strong sun light. Similarly, it should not be placed above radiators and other heat sources. 


 Heartbeat function

Sensors that are used only rarely (months between uses) could actually be out of order the day you need them. The Snoos Digital Security Center checks your motion detectors daily, so you know for sure they work when you need them.

Intelligent power conservation system

The PIR V2 is equipped with an intelligent battery conservation function. This means that the sensor can run for up to 2 years on 1 battery by turning off 3-5 minutes after detecting a movement. Therefore, you should be aware that it will not react to rapidly repeated attempts to trigger the detector. 



 - Batteries: 1 pc. CR123A (included)
 - Mouting: Bracket + 2 screws (included)
 - Battery life: Longer than 12 months
 - Transmission range: 20 m indoors
 - Measurements: Diameter Ø40mm


Write an email to our customer service at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have questions regarding the PIR V2 motion detector.

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