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Fire detector for kitchens / Siren V2

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The world smallest wireless Fire Detector, connected to your mobile device. Works as a siren in case of intrusion. Links together with other similar sensors and connects to the Alarm system.


Snoos® V2 - Fire Detector with Siren

The Fire detektor is one out of a familiy of total 3 detector types, that connects to each other and to Snoos House Alarm and your Smartphone

  1. Smoke Detektor
  2. Heat Detektor
  3. Water Detector

The Fire detector is useful in rooms where a smoke detector could fail, due to smoke without a fire, e.g the garage, kitchen or nearby fire places. Though, it is the worlds smallest wireless fire, one should not confuse about the specifications. This Detector is developed by the Danish smoke alarm specialists by Cavius. It triggers by heat and links to other similar sensors e.g. the Smoke detector or the flood detector. They all have build-in 85db sirens and this Snoos edition also works as a Siren with Snoos Home Alarm by burglary. Its 85db sirens wil start if the burglar alarm is set off. 

It uses 2-way wireless radio to communicate with the alarm system and will join in a group with up to 32 Smoke, Heat and Flooding detectors. Thus, if you have several Snoos V2 detectors in your home, they will send to each other. E g. If one detector is triggered in a room, this sensor will send to not only the alarm system, but also to other detectors in the group. The alarm system will pass the message to you mobile device or notify you by one of the other methods you have set up in your app.

Group hookup

All Heat detectors are linked with Smoke detectors, Flooding detectors and the alarmsystem with your App. They thereby act as one strong defense against burglary, smoke, fire and flooding. 

Siren activate by burglary

Since the Heat detector uses 2 way radio communication, it will start the alarm siren in case of burglary.

Made in Denmark

This Heat detector is developed in Denmark and meets applicable European standards.
It's sister-sensor, the smoke detector, won the Reddot price in 2016 for best design.



The the Heat detector with siren must be placed indoors.
The best location is on the ceiling, not closer than 60cm from the wall.
To ensure correct detection in case of fire, there should not be more than 10m between the heat detectors.




The siren checks  the alarm system for start and stop signals every 20 seconds. Normally, this means that it only takes about 10 seconds from the alarm is triggered until the V2 mini siren starts. Similarly, it only takes about 10 seconds from a triggered alarm is deactivated until the siren stops. 



 - Battery: 1 pc. 3V Lithium CR123A (included)
 - Battery life: 5 years
 - Transmission range: 20 m
 - Measurements: Ø65 mm x 45 mm
 - Mounting: Mounted on the ceiling
 - Siren Volume: 85 dB minimum
- Communication Wireless Radio, 868 mHz



Write an email to our customer service at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have questions regarding the Heat detector with siren.

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