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Privacy is important, especially at home. The Snoos Rotating Camera V2 turns itself away while you are home and gives you the option of visually checking your home by rotating the camera as you like from your smartphone app.


Snoos Rotating Security Camera V2

Automatically rotating security camera.

The Snoos V2 Rotating Camera is the perfect security camera, which can both take pictures of the burglar and give you the option of visually checking your home from your phone. You can even rotate the camera directly from your phone or tablet.

A Snoos camera makes you feel safe in your daily life. The purpose of the camera is to take pictures of the burglar in case of intrusion and to give you the option of visually checking your home if you feel the need to do so. It is important that you can feel confident that you are not being surveilled through the camera. The camera cannot be used by unauthorized individuals, once you protect it with a security code. You will automatically be prompted to create a security code during setup.

Privacy Protection

Cameras and your privacy

A Snoos V2 Rotating Camera is smart. With the Snoos Rotating Camera V2, we have made video surveillance even safer.

You can set it to protect the privacy of your family. The Snoos Digital Security Center turns the Snoos Rotating Camera away when the alarm is deactivated. Thus, it cannot take pictures of you or your family. As soon as you leave your home and turn on your alarm, the camera turns back into the alarm position – ready to take pictures, should a burglar stop by.

The rotating camera has 2 basic positions that are controlled by your alarm system:

1. Home position: When you are home, the camera is turned away, so it doesn’t film you or your family at home.
2. Alarm position: When you aren’t home, the camera is activated and turned forward, so motion in front of the camera is recorded.


Pictures taken during intrusion

Pictures taken by the camera are saved. The security camera is fitted with a port for a memory card (not included), where the pictures can be saved. Smart thieves know that all they have to do is steal the card, and there go the pictures.

Therefore, Snoos gives you the option of creating your own image storage at the Snoos Digital Security Center [SDAC]. This way, the pictures are moved to your own, private storage on the internet and can later be used as proof for the police.

The image storage is a feature in the app, which can easily be connected and disconnected as needed. If you want image storage, you can buy it in the app.

Daily Operation


Operation of the Snoos V2 cameras is done through two apps. This gives you the option of using the CoolCamHBP app in your daily activities to small useful tasks like keeping an eye on the dog and the kids. The other app is your Snoos Alarm app, which you use for security purposes.

Live video from your home
Through the camera, you can watch live video of your home, when you are out and about. Through the CoolCam HBP app, you can take snapshots, turn the camera and look around your home.



Type IP Camera
Access From anywhere
Internet connection Ethernet RJ45 + WiFi
Access protection Password
Camera Resolution 1280x1200 HD
App Resolution 768x483
Night View InfraRed IR
Power 230V - 12V 1A adapter
Size [cm] 10 x 10 x 8
Internal Storage 32GB MicroSD (SD Card not included)
Storage on SDAC Paid on-demand service
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