Overvåget Dør/Vinduessensor

It is important that the sensors are always connected correctly with your alarm system. It keeps Snoos watchful.

An error may occur with a sensor located far from your main unit and thus having low radio coverage. If you close a door or two so the signal is weakened, the sensor may no longer be able to connect to your alarm device. On a traditional alarm system, the sensors are not monitored. This means that you do not notice that the sensor actually does not work.

On a Snoos V2 system, the sensors are monitored. This means that they send a heartbeat several times a day, telling them how they are. If there is a sensor fault - for example, low battery level or if the sensor's heartbeat is completely missing, you will receive your Snoos Alarm app immediately.

If you have sensors on windows that are not used so often, you can safely let them sit year after year without worrying whether they work or not. Snoos keep an eye on you.