A snooze alarm system uses the internet.

  • Therefore, you do not need a mobile subscription.
  • The use of the internet makes your Snooze alarm system safer. The connection to the Snoos alarm system is always open. You can compare it with a phone call, where both people have the opportunity to speak and listen at the same time. If compared to others (GSM alarm systems), they speak and listen via SMS. It is obviously not the same. A Snooze alarm system communicates more than 1700 times a day.
  • The information you see in your app is thus always updated.

A snooze alarm system is monitored.

  • Power and internet connection to a Snooze alarm system is monitored constantly.
  • If your Snooze alarm is turned on and the internet connection is interrupted, you will receive a message. 

A GSM alarm system is not monitored.

  • Between the few messages that a GSM alarm system emits, there is no connection to the GSM system.