Alarm Accessories

  • betjeningspanel_v2
    Control Tablet V2
    Easy and quick access, suitable for children, neighbors and others who need access to the home.
    Sales price: 699,00 DKK
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  • SNOOS Drejebart kamera
    Snoos M-Eye indoor camera
    Snoos M-Eye indoor camera. Only intelligent camera that turns away so you're not filmed while you're home.
    Sales price: 1.199,00 DKK
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  • udendoers_kamera
    Snoos B-Eye outdoor camera
    HD camera for outdoor use. Works with both Wi-Fi and internet cable.
    Sales price: 1.499,00 DKK
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  • bevaegelsessensor_pir
    Motion sensor PIR V2
    Wireless infrared motion detector with long life battery technology.
    Sales price: 349,00 DKK
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  • doer_vindue_sensor
    Door / Window Sensor V2
    Wireless door / window sensor, which detects when the door or window is opened and closed. Now with battery life of more than 2 years.
    Sales price: 299,00 DKK
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  • fjernbetjening
    Remote control
    Wireless remote control for the alarm system. If you need help, use the panic button.
    Sales price: 249,00 DKK
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  • roegdetektor_sirene
    Smoke detector and siren
    Combined smoke detector and sirens. Coupled sirens in all rooms help in burglary
    Sales price: 399,00 DKK
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  • Betjeningspanel, Alarm - No Stock
    Keypad V2 with NFC tags
    Quick and easy access, well suited for children, neighbors and those who should have access to the house.
    Sales price: 499,00 DKK
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  • videoskilt
    Video label
    Video sketch made of hard plastic for setup with self-adhesive tape or screws.
    Sales price: 79,00 DKK
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  • 3 stk. Snoos Alarmmærkater
    Snoos alarm stickers 3 pcs.
    Original, self-adhesive window stickers for your Snooze Alarm. The price is for 3 pieces. And including free shipping.
    Sales price: 159,00 DKK
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  • Dørlås, Snoos Alarm
    Electronic door handle
    Control your Snoos alarm directly from the door. Electronic door handle that controls your alarm system
    Sales price: 2.799,00 DKK
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  • noeglebrik
    Keypad for control panel
    Keypad for use with the control panel. If you are tired of remembering codes, the keychain is the right solution for you. Use the key and avoid tags.
    Sales price: 38,00 DKK
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  • ombytning_doersensor
    Door / window sensor V1+
    New door / window sensors with long life battery technology. Replace your old sensor for a new one for only 99 kr.
    Sales price: 249,00 DKK
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  • batteri_CR2032_x4
    Batteries for door / window sensor V2
    4 pcs. Batteries for door / window sensor. The price includes free shipping
    Sales price: 99,00 DKK
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  • Alarm, tyverisikring, undgå indbrud, alarmsystem, uden abonnement
    TV simulator
    Sniffing the thief to think your TV is turned on. Automatically switches on at the same time every day and turns off after 4 or 7 hours.
    Sales price: 248,00 DKK
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  • batteri_23A_x2
    Batteries for door / window sensor V1
    2 pcs. Battery for door / window switch, ver. 1. The price is inclusive of shipping.
    Sales price: 48,00 DKK
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  • power_plug_start_kit
    Power Plug Start Kit
    Turn on / off socket, which is controlled from the Snoos Plug app. Turn your light on or off when you're away from home.
    Sales price: 449,00 DKK
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  • power_plug
    Power Plug
    Additional switch on / off switch. Keep in mind that you must have the Power Plug Start Kit for an extra connector.
    Sales price: 129,00 DKK
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  • Signal Repeater
    Signal Amplifier
    Extends range so sensors far away can also communicate with the base unit.
    Sales price: 399,00 DKK
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  • Alarm_base_Shadow500x500
    Base Unit
    The heart of your alarm system - Keep an eye on your sensors and report Snoos Cloud. Purchase the desired accessories.
    Sales price: 1.299,00 DKK
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