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With Snoos camera package, you get effective and secure camera monitoring without subscription. The wireless video surveillance can be easily adapted to your needs with additional sensors and other accessories. You can compose your alarm system with additional sensors. More than 200 pieces, if necessary to ensure your home is best protected from burglary.

As with any other Snoos product, you control the privacy alarm and surveillance camera with your smartphone or tablet. The setup is simple and you can easily sign up for new alarms for your alarm solution on a regular basis.

The camera pack contains ...

  • SIA-alarmbaseenhed
    • Keeps connection to Snoos alarm center and your phone is open 24 hours a day.
  • 2 remote controls
    • For those who do not use the smartphone.
  • 2 wireless door and window sensors
    • , Registering doors and windows is open or closed
  • 2 wireless motion detectors
    • Reacts if people come by.
  • Rotatable camera
    • Watch live transmission from your home when you're away from home, recording by motion and night vision.
  • Power supply
    • Powers  SIA alarm base unit with power.
  • Internetkabel
    • For connection between SIA and your router
  • 3 dobbeltsidede alarmmærkater
    • Clear signage that your home and your loved ones are well protected
  • Free app
    • Gives message if something is wrong and tells who turns the alarm on and off.
  • Batteries
    • Batteries that ensure the first two years of operation

Smart features developed in Denmark.

The only alarm system is SnoosDeveloped in Denmark. We are proud of that.

Unfortunately, we can not tell you everything here. We therefore propose that you purchase one of the alarm packages and try the system. You have full return within one month.

A few details, however, can be resolved:

Your Snoos app and your phone control it all. When the alarm goes, you receive push messages. At the same time you have the opportunity to receive emails, as well as your neighbor, friends and family can be notified by alarm. 

You can use 'Skalsikring' to make sure you and your family while you are at home. The anti-lock device allows you to enable parts of your alarm system, such as all door and window sensors

For extra safety, the remote control has an emergency call button, which can be activated when needed or in case of emergency. A single press, the alarm goes, the siren rings and the ones you have selected receive a message.

Surveillance camera with smart protection of your privacy.

  • Who would like to be looked at through a camera that is connected to an alarm center? As the only one in Denmark, Snoos effectively protects your privacy. The snooze camera turns with your alarm. When you get home, turn the camera around so it points away from you. When you leave home, turn on the alarmArm the camera And turns out so movement in space is captured.
  • Motion in front of the camera activates recording, When the alarm is turned on. Through the app, you can place space on the alarm center so that the recordings from the camera are stored in your private image storage. This ensures that the images are secured if the thief were to steal the camera.
  • The camera has infrared light, so it can also be used at night.
  • Wi-Fi or connection with Ethernet cable for your router.


 - Write an email, If you have additional questions.