Snoos Alarm is a different alarm system, built on latest internet technology.
We have spent 7 years developing one of the most comprehensive systems for automatic monitoring of your home.
Everything is connected and controlled through our automatic guard center, which you control from your phone and the Snoos app.
The basic idea of Snoos is that you Do not have to pay For a subscription each month. Snoos costs nothing to apply. Conversely, there are services that can only be offered if a payment is made. We would also like to offer them. So you can connect them whenever you want, then disconnect them when you do not see the need.

Easy setup
Our claim is that anyone can install a SNOOS alarm system. It's not quite right, but it's really easy. It takes place with your phone and is explained with video, pictures and text.
The internet is better than SIM card
SNOOS uses your broadband connection and the Internet. Traditional GSM systems send  And receives SMS. They address the central station as needed. It happens a few times a day.
Connected live to central 
SNOOS is connected with a live connection directly to our security center.
It sends messages, status and updates to the central station more than 1700 times a day. The updates are used to keep you informed through the app.
Ensuring internet and power
If your alarm is on, and a thief interrupts the Internet or the power, you will receive a message from the control center within seconds.
There is talk of GSM jamming in the media. Jamming means that the radio signals are disturbed, so the mobile internet does not work. GSM jamming is of course not a problem for Snoos, as it is your broadband connection as used.
Army on your alarm system
A GSM alarm system where the control panel is destroyed will probably not work. This means that an SMS can not be sent and you will not be notified.
A snooze alarm system is monitored. Destroy the base unit at Snoos alarm center within seconds, and you will receive a message.
Drop to think of SIM card for your alarm
Most alarm systems are equipped with a SIM card, which you know from your mobile phone.
However, the SIM card can not use the internet, just as it is in your mobile phone! You can only serve a traditional alarm using old-fashioned text messages, which you send from a simple app.
Developed in Denmark
Did you also know that SNOOS is developed in Denmark?
Unlike most other alarm systems, which come from China, Snoos has been developed in Denmark.
Snoos and other alarm systems.
 Typical GSM alarm
No subscription    
Wireless    compare-v
Remote access via app    compare-v
Connection to central    
Unlimited number of users    
App setup    
Get / go messages    
Push messages    
Protection against GSM jamming    
Developed in Denmark    
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